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I've always believed in achieving more with one's time.

It may not feel that way at the time, but the pace we're taught in High School is pathetically slow. As Derek Sivers' mentor put it: “the standard pace is for chumps”. By catering to everyone, it naturally removes any potential for ambition.

My passion is to help those who want to move faster than the "chump standard pace" and achieve incredible things. 

Having been Dux of Westlake Boys High School, finishing medical school at The University of Auckland on multiple scholarships, and helping over 300 students get into medical school during my medical school career, I've learnt to optimise time management and study habits so that you can achieve more.

As a practicing medical doctor, an e-commerce store owner, investor and researcher, I've learnt to fit in as much as I can with my time, and hope to share this strategy with you too. 

The choice is yours as to how you use the extra time created - whether it's achieving more academically, picking up new hobbies / side-hustles, or enjoying it with family or friends.

Here's to living a fuller life!

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